Friday, April 13, 2007

Did King Daley and Aides Knowingly Mislead and Lie About Taxpayer Funds?

Did Chicago Mayor (King) Richard Daley LIE to everyone the last several months or was it just incompetence? Did he know there was a financial guarantee for the host city or did he not?

(Photo from Sun-Times)


Anonymous said...

Hi from Spanish (Olympic Spirit). Just tell you that, according to Tokyo 2016's website, the election of the host city will be on October, 2nd, 2009, not in July.

Greetings and good luck for 14yh April ;) (Not for Coppennhague, of course. Madrid will win :)).

Ricky Rat said...

Of course they lied. This is Chicago, and that's business as usual. Yet another reason why the Olympics should go elsewhere -- NOT CHICAGO.