Thursday, March 15, 2007

Alderman O'Connor Warns About USOC Finding Out About Acrimony | Oh, Can't Have That!

Chicago's 40th Ward Alderman O'Connor warned at Wednesday's City Council meeting the USOC and Olympic officials might find out about all the "acrimony" in the debate that is not reflected in the 45-5 vote.

It could be worse. They could find out voices of the public protest were thrown out of the city council chambers and no public hearing has been allowed.

They could find out the Mayor and his aides have been lying and misleading the city council, public, media and (gasp!), they might start to figure out the USOC has been a victim, too.

Hopefully, they also don't know about all the massive corruption scandals brewing under Daley and or how he cost taxpayers more than a billion dollars with his Soldier Field mistake to benefit the Chicago Bears, including co-owner Patrick Ryan (just a coincidence, of course).

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