Thursday, March 15, 2007

Daley Disregards London 2012's Soaring Costs

Daley Unfazed by London's Swelling Olympics Tab

Chicago Mayor Richard Daley is assuring taxpayers that his budget estimate for the Olympics contains no surprises. London's Olympics budget ballooned to three times the original estimate today.

The 2012 games will now cost $18 billion. The mayor says Chicago's plan involves less new construction and more temporary facilities.

Daley: We're not building McCormick Place, we're not building Soldier Field, we're not building Wrigley Field, we're not building United Center, we're not building Cellular Field.

Daley has come under fire for having the city pledge half-a-billion dollars in case of a budget overrun. Previously, the mayor promised taxpayers not to use public money to fund the games.

Producer: City Room, Chicago Public Radio

Release date: 3/15/2007

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